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Re^2: directory structure - 2.

Am 16.04.98 schrieb schwarz # monet.m.isar.de ...

Moin Christian!

CS> This sounds like a great idea! If noone else objects, please start

? I#ve posted already such a list.

CS> maintaining the list! If the list has evolved and is ready, it should
CS> become part of the doc-base documentation.

? No it should be part of the Policy or a free standard. This structure  
will not only used by doc-base.

CS> I've included a first proposal of myself below. Note, that this is just my
CS> very personal opinion--feel free to change this if you don't like it.

Please remove the documents itself from the structure. They#re not  
interesting for our discussion.

CS>  1. Most people seem agree that documents should to be registered in
CS> several sections at once. This should be considered when setting up the
CS> structure.

Most people? Let#s stop this discussion. At first we should talk about the  
structure and the file format. The use of the system should be discussed  
in debian-devel.

CS>  2. For now, I think we should use the section titles in our list (like

I disagree. That#s confusing.

CS> make it much easier for us to recognize the correct section for a

We will not discuss the section for a document. This should be done by the  
maintainers of these documents.

CS> document. If we've finally agreed on the section titles, we can look for
CS> the correct short terms later.

I prefer the other way.

CS>  3. If the structure has evolved, all online menu systems (dwww and dhelp)
CS> should use the same section titles, in order to avoid confusion among
CS> users who use both systems or who switch from one system to the other.

I agree.

CS>  5. We should keep in mind that the structure should make it as simple as
CS> possible for the users to find the documentation their looking for.=20

That#s it.

CS> Ordering documents into categories like "howto", "faq", "magazines",
CS> "debian", etc. (categorized by source) is definitely *not* user friendly!=

I disagree 100%.

CS>  6. AFAIR, dhelp displays only `used' sections (i.e., sections which
CS> contain documents). I think, in general, it would be better if the online
CS> systems always display all available sections, even if these are empty, so
CS> that the user knows where to look for documentation next time.

I don#t understand that. We should a system display 30 directories that  
don#t include one document? And this is not interesting for the structure.

CS>  7. I think it's useful to already include a few example documents in the
CS> structure to get a better feeling about what will go into which section.

I disagree.

CS>  8. We should keep in mind that the section titles will eventually be
CS> translated into the user's native language. But for now, we should stick
CS> to discuss the English titles.

The titles are not interesting. We#re talking about the structure and the  
short names.

CS> language. I think the only logical way to handle this situation, is to
CS> store documents of all languages in a single structure, and let the user
CS> choose the preferred language at document-level, like in this example:
CS>     User's Manuals
CS>        Office applications
CS>           _StarOffice User's Manual_    (English version, German version)

I disagree 100%.

CS>       Debian's packaging system  [admin/packaging]


cu, Marco

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