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Re^4: dhelp directory structure

Am 14.04.98 schrieb Marcus.Brinkmann # ruhr-uni-bochum.de ...

Moin Marcus!

MB> For some packages, there is no best match. Where should I put svncviewer?

I don#t know this program.

MB> In X11, because it can connect to an X server, in net, because it works in

No, only programs like xfree or fvwm should go to this directory.

MB> I think we can all live with this. I have no problems reading books that


MB> use 5 levels of sections.

That#s another problem.

MB> Just let us make sure that the up, next and back buttons do work properly.

Please, no buttons. If you use buttons, the back button of the browser  
itself will not work very well. But you can use something like <LINK> in  
my latest doc-linux-de package. But this is supported only by lynx at the  
moment (it#s part of HTML 3.2).

MB> ? Did you ever wrote an index for a book? It is the most important part of

Our system shouldn#t be an index but a content page! If you need something  
like a book index you will use a search engine.

MB> a book that transfers information. I want to find the information I seek.

All right.

MB> I don't want to look for every possible section the program could be in. I

That#s it. So we need a good structure and you will find the document  
without a problem. I don#t like the idea of a book index, sorry. A online  
help system has nothing in common with a book, if you ask me. And I have  
never seen a help system that is structured like that. Can you give me an  
example, please?

MB> We have a document with this name. The indentation level makes it clear
MB> that CS thinks it is a document.

I#m not sure :).

MB> section and the variety of packages that it contains. The debian ftp
MB> server structure is no good document storing structure.

That#s right. I#ll think about another structure.

MB> > ? That#s part of the HOWTO directory.
MB> a not supported isdn card. The HOWTO section is flooded with documents and
MB> I only look in the HOWTO section if I already know that I need a HOWTO.

But most users know where to find the documentation and others would use  
the search engine.

MB> Marco, I simply fail to understand why you object to order the documents
MB> in a senseful way.

I don#t object. Maybe a structure like devel/x11 etc. is a good idea. But  
I don#t like to register a lot of documents in more than one section. If  
you do so, you have to register for example a book like the "Linux  
Anwenderhandbuch" in all sections. That is nonsense. I cannot see an  

MB> The ftp structure is simply not intended to be used as

Ok, one point for you.

MB> > CS>    User's manuals  [users]
MB> > Why do we need such a root directory? Where#s the advantage?

Ok, this is maybe not a bad idea.

MB> useful to you. I would be very confused as a user if I find documents
MB> about libc6 function calls if I only want to know why libc6 needs
MB> kernel-headers-2.0.32.

That#s right. I agree.

MB> ? What do you want to tell me? Sometimes I find your abbreviated stile
MB> hard to follow. We all have little time, b I tnk w c spll a l sm th o.

I want to tell you, that this document should registered in debian maybe  
debian/devel but not in devel/. Because this documents are not interesting  
for a normal developer.

MB> I think debians packaging system is more useful for developers, whereas

Only for Debian package developers.

MB> debian specific instructions to mainatin the system (info about init
MB> procedure, kernel etc) are useful in debian and probably even a seperate
MB> admin section.

I think we should seperate upstream and debian documentation. Therefor I  
would suggest the debian section.

MB> Others may follow. We should have a first draft, that is useful for at

Ok, I#ll improve the latest version.

cu, Marco

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