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Re^2: 1. suggestion for a new .dhelp/.dwww-index etc.

Am 13.04.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> Are you talking about suggesting we extend the doc-base format?

I#m suggesting a new file format for all programs (dwww, dhelp, dwww- 
index). If we use a common file format, all programs can parse the file  

APH> I agree doc-base files should have a 'Lang' option, better yet, call
APH> it 'Language:'.


APH> >   File: foo1.html (relative to the position of this file)
APH> Should be possible to give absolute address, maybe even URL?

Well, a URL would be a very good idea:

  File: http://www.debian.org

Great :). Should we use "File:"? Maybe "URL: " would be better?

APH> >   Link: foo1 HOWTO
APH> What is link?

It#s the text for the link to the document, called <linkname> in .dhelp.

APH> >   Title: Section Title for special sections (opt.)
APH> I don't understand why this should be part of the set of control fields
APH> registering a *document*. What if several document entries have different
APH> titles indicated?

See dhelp. The latest entered title is used. This option is really  
necessary (see .dhelp in my doc-html-w3 package).

APH> The section title should not be intermeshable with the
APH> document registration control fields.

Well take for example doc-html-w3. The package includes several documents.  
Instead of registering one index.html (like dwww does) in dhelp you would  
register every root document:

  <dtitle>Documents of the W3 organisation



And so on. And web/w3 is a new <diretory> not mentioned in the dhelp  

Or take for example a FAQ package. Do you think, it would be a good idea  
to use only <directory>FAQ, if you install 100 FAQs? In this case, it#s  
better to use "FAQ/programming", "FAQ/cooking", etc.

cu, Marco

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