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Re: document registration policy needing to be written

To be honest, if Marco has been annoyed at doc_base, I can't really
blame him.  A few things we were doing in doc_base were non-kosher for
dhelp.  These will all be fixed in the next version:

1) modifying .dhelp files without running dhelp_parse -d <dir> first
2) not using dhelp's (rather odd, IMHO) lower-cased document hierarchy
   (Marco, let me know if you intend to change this to up-casing the
   first letter, I'll need to track whatever you do.)
3) not doing a very good job at parsing existing dhelp files
4) not doing a very good job at creating dhelp files (i.e., only
   allowing one <item> in a .dhelp, even if there should be more

Marco, please continue to let me know if I'm doing anything wrong in
dhelp. Hopefully I should have an update for all these problems

With respect to parsing, BTW, here's my dhelp file parser in a Perl
nutshell.  $_ (the implicit matcher for 'm{}') contains an entire
.dhelp file.  I have confirmed this on all .dhelp files I could lay my
hands on:

  while ( m{
      <item>\s*			# item defines a block, required
	  (?:			# alternate everything group
       (?:<directory>		# directory is starting, required
	 ([^<]+)		#   $1
       )			# ... ending
       (?:<dirtitle>		# dirtitle is starting, optional
         ([^<]+)		#   $2 until next tag start
       )			# ... ending
       (?:<linkname>		# linkname is starting, optional
         ([^<]+)		#   $3
       )			# ... ending
       (?:<filename>		# filename is starting, optional
         ([^<]+)		#   $4
       )			# ... ending
       (?:<description>		# filename is starting, optional
         (.*?)			#  $5, non greedy
       </description>)		# ... ending
	   )*			# end alternating
       \s*</item>		# spaces ok, item ends
      }gscx )
      @rets =  ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5);
      @rets = map { chomp; $_; }  @rets;
      # push a hashref of our dhelp data item onto the $dhdata array
      push(@$dhdata, {
		      'directory'   => @rets[0],
		      'dirtitle'    => @rets[1],
		      'linkname'    => @rets[2],
		      'filename'    => @rets[3],
		      'description' => @rets[4],

Perl is cool!

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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