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Re: future development of doc-base

Adam P. Harris wrote:

> Well, guys, I'm digging into doc-base.  Right now I'm focused on
> fixing bugs for the freeze.  There seems to be a few areas for
> interaction between dhelp and doc-base which are tricky to replicate;
> and hence, tricky to fix.  Thankfully, the code is very small and

If there's a problem with dhelp, please send me a email.

> Christian, with respect to your considerations for redesign, there's a
> lot to think about.  The big issue I guess is whether we want to keep
> the split between content registration and conversion handling
> (doc-base) and content presentation (dhelp, dwww).  Some of the things
> Jim proposes go far beyond content presentation.  Maybe that split is
> not going to work for us; maybe it will.

Maybe we should discuss what for we need doc-base. We don't
need it for content registration. dhelp and dwww have got these
features already.

Do we really need online conversion? I think that the conversion
of the document formats is the job of the package maintainers and
not the job of the users.

There're several reason against an online conversion:

  * you need more disc space (source + converted versions)
  * you must install the converters
  * you need a lot of time for the conversion
    (remember that some people use 386/486!)
  * the converters don't work error free
    -> the quality of the converted documents is bad
  * there're a lot of other problems (for example with
    the package tool)

I would suggest, that we try to improve the quality of the
conversion tools (like sgml-tools, latex2html, texi2html).

cu, Marco


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