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Re: future development of doc-base

[Sorry for this last spam; followups to debian-doc only please.]

Well, guys, I'm digging into doc-base.  Right now I'm focused on
fixing bugs for the freeze.  There seems to be a few areas for
interaction between dhelp and doc-base which are tricky to replicate;
and hence, tricky to fix.  Thankfully, the code is very small and
well-written (lots of globals flying around but that's ok).

Jim Pick, with respect to your grand plans with dwww, we definately
should work together.  And I would suggest right now (for the freeze)
to focus on getting the existing (flawed) architecture solid so Debian
2.0 users can have a unified documentation system while they wait for
slink (fall release I expect).  When we do get a full
content-negotiated, internation documentation system, I hope it's as
standards-based as it can be.  The RFCs and draft RFCs are interesting
here.  Here's a couple I saw right away:


Christian, with respect to your considerations for redesign, there's a
lot to think about.  The big issue I guess is whether we want to keep
the split between content registration and conversion handling
(doc-base) and content presentation (dhelp, dwww).  Some of the things
Jim proposes go far beyond content presentation.  Maybe that split is
not going to work for us; maybe it will.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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