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Re^2: dhelp 0.3.2 (spanish)

Am 26.02.98 schrieb jpacheco # etsit.upm.es ...

Moin Jose!

JLGP> (hope it will be useful for you :-) )

Yes, thanks a lot :). At the momemt dhelp supports French, Spanish,  
Italian, German and English :). I#ve released version 0.3.2 yesterday. The  
latest version includes a new search engine (written in Perl) and a script  
for package maintainers.

JLGP> (NOTE: I have used ISO-8859-1 character set in order to write accents)

That#s wonderful.

JLGP> > <dirtitle>Deutsche Dokumentation
JLGP> Documentaci#n en alembn

A need a <dirtitle> for Spanish not for German documentation :).

cu, Marco

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