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Re: DocBook instead of debiandoc-sgml?

On 26 Feb 1998, Christian Leutloff wrote:
> The problem is IMHO that we are not able to discuss *small* portions of
> the manual. Nobody is able to write 100 pages in a reasonable time. We
> should split each document in small peaces so that everybody only
> needs to write 5 pages. Therefor I propose my skeleton tags. I'm going
> to implement them in April (hopefully). If somebody wants to start
> working now, please send me a small notice.

I have a starting draft of the tutorial at http://pobox.com/~hp. There's
an outline, which admittedly could use improvement, as could the text
that's there (about 30 postscript pages of more/less useful stuff), but I
think it's pretty clear what small sections could be written. Just pick an
empty section and write it, or fix one of the existing sections. The
outline definitely needs rearranging but I think it's best to just write
everything first, it can go in a different order later. Much of the text
isn't quite what I'd like it to be either, but that can also be fixed. But
first we want to get the information on paper and then see what kind of
organization of it will work, or what DTD to put it in.

If people know the technical details but aren't into writing just send me
a list of facts to include in a section and I'll write, I spend half my
time digging through man pages to figure out what to say.

I'm working on this slowly, and it will get done eventually, but if other
people work on it it will go a lot faster. There are long periods when I
don't have time. 

Perhaps it would be helpful to get this thing in a more official,
confidence-inspiring location, rather than on my dopey college kid web
page. I think CVS would be ideal, if someone with an account and the
know-how wants to set it up, but failing that either on the web page or a
link from the web page would be fine.

Anyway, an initial slapdown of each chapter only takes one good day or
night of work. We could easily have a rough draft together in a week or
two if people all worked on it. And you don't even have to contribute a
whole chapter, I have smaller sections in the outline.

 Havoc Pennington

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