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nsgmls won't parse debiandoc.dtd

Has anyone seen this problem?

$ sgml2txt user.sgml
Processing file user.sgml
/usr/bin/nsgmls:<OSFD>0:1:26:W: cannot generate system identifier for document 
/usr/bin/nsgmls:<OSFD>0:1:26:E: reference to entity "DEBIANDOC" for which no 
system identifier could be generated
/usr/bin/nsgmls:<OSFD>0:1:0: entity was defined here
/usr/bin/nsgmls:<OSFD>0:1:26:E: DTD did not contain element declaration for 
document type name
/usr/bin/nsgmls:<OSFD>0:10:0:E: cannot continue because of previous errors

This is the start of the sgml text I am trying to process:
<!doctype debiandoc system>

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