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Re: lintian.debian.org off ?

On Tue, 26 Sep 2023 16:56:04 +0200, Daniel Gröber wrote:

> The old web service had explainations and additional context for the
> various lintian tags. UDD doesn't seem to offer that so where can we find
> this information now?

In lintian itself with the --info switch (or config option), and in

% lintian-explain-tags -t wrong-path-for-interpreter
E: wrong-path-for-interpreter
N:   The interpreter you used is installed at another location on Debian systems.
N:   Note that, as a particular exception, Debian Policy § 10.4 states that Perl scripts should use /usr/bin/perl directly and not /usr/bin/env, etc.
N:   Please refer to Scripts (Section 10.4) in the Debian Policy Manual for details.
N:   Visibility: error
N:   Show-Always: no
N:   Check: scripts

BWT: The lintian manpage still says:

-i, --info
    Print  explanatory information about each problem discovered in
    addition to the lintian error tags. To print a long tag
    description without running lintian, see lintian-explain-tags(1)
    or check the website at https://lintian.debian.org.



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