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Re: debvm for autopkgtests with multiple host?


On 24-09-2023 10:27, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues wrote:
Is the apt configuration on
those systems set to something that is not the default and should be considered
as well?

How the unstable to testing migration runs work is that they have a testing testbed (with apt pinning making testing the APT::Default-Release without using that configuration option for $REASONS) with unstable added as an available suite. autopkgtest will create apt pinning for only those packages that were requested on the interface (by britney2, our migration software) to be added to testing. That way, we try to see what happens in testing if we would migrate the candidate source package to testing without all the rest of unstable.

Be aware, there's also an ugly fall back in autopkgtest where it will remove all the pinning if it can't install all test dependencies with the pinning set-upped as described above, effectively allowing all packages from unstable to be installed. However, for the current use-case that probably happens *before* debvm/mmdebstrap runs, so that detail should not matter.


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