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debvm for autopkgtests with multiple host?

Hi Helmut and others.

Some time ago we had a conversation on debian-devel about how to make
autopkgtests that spawn multiple nodes and communicate between them,
eg for testing network protocols[1].

To summarise that discussion: at that time the best available solution
that worked in ci.d.n seemed to be to write an ad-hoc script to run
the tests in qemu; three packes had done that, each separately, with
complex scripts with many moving parts.

I saw debvm, and wondered if it was suitable for this purpose.
But, then I looked at its debian/test/control and I see that the tests
are marked as flaky.[2]  So maybe it isn't reliable enough :-/.
I have other questions too, particularly to do with the way I would
need autopkgtest to be able to influence package selection in the
nested testbeds.

Everyone else: has there been any other progress on the multi-node
autopkgtest problem ?




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