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Re: RFC: Reboot behavior for kexec-tools package

On 9/22/23 4:26 PM, Michael Biebl wrote:
Am 22.09.23 um 21:40 schrieb Khalid Aziz:

I want to change the behavior to:

- No package config option to do automatic kexec reboot.
- "reboot" command causes a cold reboot
- Use "kexec-reboot" command to do a kexec reboot. "kexec-reboot" is a script installed by kexec-tools package. - kexec-tools package no longer provides coldreboot script which is no longer necessary.

Any comments/feedback? I intend to proceed with implementing new behavior next week after Wednesday unless there are objections or other ideas.

I assume you are aware of https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/15029 ?

Hello Michael,

Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I have seen it and I have been working on finding a working solution for Debian. The kexec image loader in systemctl works with systems that create a boot loader spec file which Debian doesn't. In the absence of boot loader spec file, you get that message. The script I am adding, kexec-load-kernel, allows systemctl kexec to work if one runs this script before calling systemctl kexec.

Since we have more automation coming to systemd in trixie, I am going to limit kexec-tools package to providing only helper scripts to load a kernel and call systemctl kexec. Hopefully we will have a working reliable solution with that in place.


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