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RFC: Reboot behavior for kexec-tools package


I implemented automatic kexec reboot support to kexec-tools package many years ago when Debian used init. It worked well except for some corner cases. To support this, I also added a package config option to enable kexec reboots on reboot command. Since Debian started using systemd, automatic kexec reboot had been hit or miss depending upon the changes in systemd. I got it back to working state by requiring users to do kexec reboots using "systemctl kexec". Now Debian has switched to systemd fully and I am removing init scripts from kexec-tools package. Systemd maintainers made a change to systemctl command around 2021 that caused "systemctl kexec" to no longer work the same way again. In short, systemctl now has taken over the task of loading a kexec kernel which was previously delegated to systemd service provided by kexec-tools. systemctl loads kexec'able kernel only on the systems that support boot loader spec which Debian does not. Now kexec-tools package no longer has working automatic kexec reboot.

To solve this problem in a reliable and consistent way, I am considering changing the way kexec reboots are handled by kexec-tools package. Current behavior (when it worked) is:

- If config option "Should kexec-tools handle reboots?" is set to true, a reboot command will cause a kexec reboot. - With config option "Should kexec-tools handle reboots?" set to true, a cold reboot requires using the command "coldreboot" which is a script installed by kexec-tools package.

I want to change the behavior to:

- No package config option to do automatic kexec reboot.
- "reboot" command causes a cold reboot
- Use "kexec-reboot" command to do a kexec reboot. "kexec-reboot" is a script installed by kexec-tools package. - kexec-tools package no longer provides coldreboot script which is no longer necessary.

Any comments/feedback? I intend to proceed with implementing new behavior next week after Wednesday unless there are objections or other ideas.


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