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Re: /usr-merge and filesystem bootstrap


Answering for the glibc package.

On 2023-09-12 20:15, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> Once the Priority:required set only has that exception set left
> unconverted, I will prepare patches for the entire exception set and
> upload it coherently in one dinstall window.
> That exception set is:
>  * base-files
>  * bash
>  * coreutils maybe
>  * dash
>  * libc6
>  * util-linux

Do you mean you plan to upload source+binaries for all the above
packages and for all architectures? How do you plan to handle ports

> I request that affected maintainers reply to this mail:
>  * Are you ok with the proposed changes in principle?
>    + Moving all files from / to /usr leaving no files in aliased
>      locations


>    + Installing aliasing symbolic links in base-files and libc6


>  * Are you fine in principle with me NMUing your package after having
>    reviewed the promised patch?

Yes, with the condition that help is provided to fix the bugs resulting
from moving files from / to /usr in the glibc packages.

>  * Do you readily see any flaw in the proposed transition already?

I haven't looked at the details besides the changes you described above.


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