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Re: /usr-merge and filesystem bootstrap

Hi Helmut,

speaking with my util-linux in Debian hat...

* Helmut Grohne <helmut@subdivi.de> [230912 20:16]:
> I request that affected maintainers reply to this mail:
>  * Are you ok with the proposed changes in principle?
>    + Moving all files from / to /usr leaving no files in aliased
>      locations
>    + Installing aliasing symbolic links in base-files and libc6


>  * Are you fine in principle with me NMUing your package after having
>    reviewed the promised patch?


Would be nice if the patch ends up in git, at
but it's not necessary. Feel free to use the next non-NMU version

>  * Do you readily see any flaw in the proposed transition already?

Nothing from util-linux PoV. Given src:util-linux produces udebs,
that should be taken into consideration, but I think any changes to
the udebs do not need to happen at the same time.


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