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Re: 'The' timestamp of a snapshot of deb.debian.org

Quoting Roland Clobus (2022-09-21 22:03:33)
> As to the origin of my question: The snapshot-mirror has been offline for a
> while, and I've used deb.debian.org to generate my test images (for the
> reproducible live-build-based live-ISO images). I've compared the timestamps
> of the InRelease file at deb.d.o with the timestamp in the URL available on
> snapshot.d.o and I've noticed a difference.  That means that all images that
> I've generated using deb.d.o cannot be verified at any later moment than
> within the same dak-round (which last for 6 hours).

Why not? Just check which package versions your image contains and find the
correct snapshot.debian.org timestamp(s) containing all these packages via

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