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Re: Proposed MBF: wxwidgets3.2 transition

On Tue, 13 Sep 2022 at 13:52:11 -0400, Scott Talbert wrote:
> Major wxWidgets releases are not API compatible, so there will be packages
> that will require changes (although there are not many
> backwards-incompatible API changes between 3.0 and 3.2).  I would think of
> it more akin to GTK-2 vs GTK-3, although there are not as many API changes.
> Historically, there have been larger API changes between releases (e.g., 2.8
> to 3.0).
> I suppose it would be technically possible to do it with a single -dev
> package, but that would lead to potentially extended breakages of unstable
> while the packages that require changes get updated.

For most libraries, the deciding factor would be: are library users
expected to find the library via a single pkg-config file that cannot
coexist with the other version (like libpng's libpng.pc and OpenSSL's
libssl.pc/libcrypto.pc/openssl.pc), or do they ship versioned pkg-config
files that can coexist (like GTK 2/3/4, Qt 4/5/6 and SDL 1/2)?
If the former, then we'd normally expect to see a single -dev package like
libpng-dev and libssl-dev; if the latter, then a -dev package per major
version (whatever "major" might mean in this context), like libgtk-3-dev
and libgtk-4-dev, preferably co-installable on the same system.

wxWidgets doesn't seem to have a .pc file at all (?) and the 3.0 and
3.2 versions seem to share wx-config(1) and wxwin.m4 in wx-common (?),
so I'm not sure quite how that fits together, and whether it's more like
the OpenSSL case or the GTK case.


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