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Re: packages expected to fail on some archs

Hi Samuel,

On 11-09-2022 17:08, Samuel Thibault wrote:
We could for instance:
- Add an Architecture-FTBFS field to debian/control
- Add an environment variable to debian/rules so that on these archs dh
   fails with a different exit code that buildds would notice.
- Add a Architecture-FTBFS field in the wb database that DDs can set

- color packages that "never" had a successful built on an architecture different. That information is already available because that's what marks the package as "uncompiled" vs "out-of-date".

I think it has added value if both cases (marked by the maintainer vs detected automatically) have value and could have different colors. Comparing it to autopkgtest, we currently color no-regression orange, while "neutral" (because of all kind of reasons, but the result of an actively set property) is blue.


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