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Re: Another round of open questions

Answer bellow,

On 2022-03-20 12:42, dpl-voter wrote:
> Hi Andriy and others,
> Andriy Grytsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua <mailto:andrej@rep.kiev.ua>> wrote:
>> Thanks for the comment. It is so, exactly. The war came to an active
>> state, Russian nazis launch missiles over our country, trying to conquer
>> and set up marionette government. Our Army proven to be good enough to
>> fight them but many civilians already dead after attacks which include
>> prohibited weapons such as thermobaric bombs. Sadly.
>> Thanks a lot, I am more or less safe, my city district is far away from
>> any major points so I hear explosions (as our air defense forces safely
>> shut down all the incoming missiles from Russia) far away from here all
>> the time. And I hope for war to be ended soon as Russians do eventually
>> have their forces eliminated. No help is needed for now.
>> All you can do, I think, is to pray and to help our forces with weapons,
>> which many countries already do actually.
> How are you? Hope you're fine. Have you received all the weapons and
> solders we already sent you? Yavorovsky military training ground tragedy
> is painful, but one should learn from it. By the way, if Russian forces
> are all eliminated by now, why do you ask for more weapon, do you want
> to kill all Russian civilians too?
> And here are some questions to DPL candidates:
> How do you plan to address Russian aggression? Will Russian be banned
Why ban Russian contribution ? Are individual citizen responsible in
anyway for what's happening ?
Even more that Russia is a huge pool for competent developer.

I'd love to visit Russia and learn better the Russian language.
Or simply seek political asylum...(as a joke, because I think it would
be impossible).

> from Debian development? Will you allow Russian users to use Debian? Do
It would be something really bad to take a political standpoint in this war.
> you plan to add some funny jokes for Russian users, like as follows:
That would be childish and stupid to do so.
> - https://github.com/medikoo/es5-ext/commit/28de285ed433b45113
> <https://github.com/medikoo/es5-ext/commit/28de285ed433b45113>
> - https://github.com/vuejs/vue-cli/issues/7054
> <https://github.com/vuejs/vue-cli/issues/7054>
> - https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/node-ipc/issues/233
> <https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/node-ipc/issues/233>
> And some more questions for a wider audience:
> 1. Have you heard about Neonazism ( Azov Battalion, Aider) in Ukraine?
Yes I did, was the subject of many investigation mostly on French TV.
Also appeared in the news, was something that happened with most of the
revolution pushed upon by "Centre for democracy endowment, aka CIA
funds" and George Sorrow. Same as the rise of radical Islam after the
fall of some regime in Africa or middle-east.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SBo0akeDMY (BBC Newsnight)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEKQsnRGv7s (Far right group risk
overthrow Ukraine - BBC)

Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia - BBC Newsnight

Fascisme en toi de fond (Swiss TV)

Ukraine's far-right children's camp: 'I want to bring up a warrior'

Vice News - Out of control, Ukraine Rogue Militia

Hidden face of Ukraine War (with Jean-Luc Scaufausser and other european
deputy) Part 1

Part 2

-- We don't talk much of them now because this would justify Putin's
intervention --
> 2. Have you ever heard them saying that they gonna kill all Russian
> speaking people?
Yes I saw on TV (on Vice News) a Ukrainian soldier from one of the
militia now part of the military, he called the "Rusky" and said it's
their "Dumb Brother".
Also seeing the deputy of Slovoba going to "arrest separatist" in
Eastern Ukraine with his own militia was somewhat scary. Simply search
on YouTube "Vice News - Russian roulette, hunting separatist in Eastern
> 3. Have you ever heard Indian media showing Ukrainian leaders saying
> they will send nukes to Moscow if they get in Nato?
Not for this one.
> 4. Do you know about Donbas?
Industrial region in Eastern Ukraine, comprise many Oblast with the big
city of Donestk and Lugansk.
After the started to build their own government in the end of 2014, they
were visited by Jean-Luc Schaffhauser (was the envoy from pope Jean-Paul
II to Moscow), who acted as a election observer.
> 5. Have you ever heard 14000 Russian speaking people were killed In
> Donbas by Ukrainian Army?
Didn't know for this number but can be mostly possible.
> 6. Have you ever seen the mass grave of Russian speaking children In Donbas?
Yes, if you look at "Anne-Laure Bonnel" who's a teacher at the national
arts university of France, she explain it real nice here.

> 7. Have you heard the speech of Petro Poroshenko ex President of Ukarine
> where he said, the only place for Russian speaking children In Donbas is
> a bomb shelter?
Yes, he says that children in the West will go to school and Children in
the East will stay in the cave.

Also the burning down of the "Union house" in Odessa
> 8. Have you seen the selfies of Ukrainian army with the missiles
> dedicated to the children In Donbas before bombing in the Kindergarten
> and schools. (On those missiles it was written "All the best is meant
> for children".)
No, but the US did the same in Sarajevo (Happy Easter on some missile).
> 9. Do you know about the ideological leader of "independent" Ukraine,
> Stepan Bandera? He was a war criminal and his team killed more than 850
> thousands jews, 220 thousands polish and 400 thousands Russians? And now
> he is praised as a hero in Ukraine?
Stephan Banderra was a pro nazi, the Azov bataillon use the same arm
band like one of the SS group.
> How do I know this? I speak and understand Russian. I can understand
> spoken Ukrainian language as well. Moreover, I have friends and
> relatives who had flee from Donbas region in order to save their lives.
> With no regards,
> Daniel Pocock

I don't know who you are but thanks for reminding all that this war is
also one of information and the the western government don't have clean

If US bring back a cold war state again, it risk becoming more important
than it is now. If US can push Europe away from Russia then US economy
will grow because Europeans will buy more gas from the US. And it's
already the case now.

Another thing. Europe didn't want Ukraine but now as it's torn apart and
will need to be rebuilt, they are considering to accept Ukraine in the
union. Well for sure, because of the common market Ukraine would become
a great place for French, Italian and others western nation's building
company to do job.

I have many friends in Russia from who I deal camera equipment. They are
all now "out of business" because their main market was outside of US
but eBay banned them and they can't get paid. So those dumb sanctions
from Europe,US and Canada are mostly touching the poor people and middle
class. Even if TV wanna show us some stuff of high value being seized
from rich businessman. Most Russian oligarch have dual citizenship
anyway, so there's not much risk for them. And so does the Ukrainians.

We forget to say that 2 years prior to the 2014 incidents, there was
already a arrest warrant (red notice) by Interpol against Rasco (Slovoba
Chief of Party) for doing the Nazi salute in the RADA.

If someone want to help support for the Russian, I'd be happy to work
together because I know many suffer in this conflict.

And don't say stuff like "Remove Putin". Many Americans suffered from
stupid choice like War in IRAQ or Afghanistan, simply because it costed
so much that the amount left for social policy in the US was going down.
Did we say "Remove Bush or Remove Obama" ? No.

Send me a personal reply (debian at polynamaude dot com)
Polyna-Maude R.-Summerside
-Be smart, Be wise, Support opensource development

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