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Another round of open questions

Hi Andriy and others,

Andriy Grytsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:
> Thanks for the comment. It is so, exactly. The war came to an active
> state, Russian nazis launch missiles over our country, trying to conquer
> and set up marionette government. Our Army proven to be good enough to
> fight them but many civilians already dead after attacks which include
> prohibited weapons such as thermobaric bombs. Sadly.

> Thanks a lot, I am more or less safe, my city district is far away from
> any major points so I hear explosions (as our air defense forces safely
> shut down all the incoming missiles from Russia) far away from here all
> the time. And I hope for war to be ended soon as Russians do eventually
> have their forces eliminated. No help is needed for now.

> All you can do, I think, is to pray and to help our forces with weapons,
> which many countries already do actually.

How are you? Hope you're fine. Have you received all the weapons and solders we already sent you? Yavorovsky military training ground tragedy is painful, but one should learn from it. By the way, if Russian forces are all eliminated by now, why do you ask for more weapon, do you want to kill all Russian civilians too?

And here are some questions to DPL candidates:

How do you plan to address Russian aggression? Will Russian be banned from Debian development? Will you allow Russian users to use Debian? Do you plan to add some funny jokes for Russian users, like as follows:

- https://github.com/medikoo/es5-ext/commit/28de285ed433b45113
- https://github.com/vuejs/vue-cli/issues/7054
- https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/node-ipc/issues/233

And some more questions for a wider audience:

1. Have you heard about Neonazism ( Azov Battalion, Aider) in Ukraine?
2. Have you ever heard them saying that they gonna kill all Russian speaking people?
3. Have you ever heard Indian media showing Ukrainian leaders saying they will send nukes to Moscow if they get in Nato?
4. Do you know about Donbas?
5. Have you ever heard 14000 Russian speaking people were killed In Donbas by Ukrainian Army?
6. Have you ever seen the mass grave of Russian speaking children In Donbas?
7. Have you heard the speech of Petro Poroshenko ex President of Ukarine where he said, the only place for Russian speaking children In Donbas is a bomb shelter?
8. Have you seen the selfies of Ukrainian army with the missiles dedicated to the children In Donbas before bombing in the Kindergarten and schools. (On those missiles it was written "All the best is meant for children".)
9. Do you know about the ideological leader of "independent" Ukraine, Stepan Bandera? He was a war criminal and his team killed more than 850 thousands jews, 220 thousands polish and 400 thousands Russians? And now he is praised as a hero in Ukraine?

How do I know this? I speak and understand Russian. I can understand spoken Ukrainian language as well. Moreover, I have friends and relatives who had flee from Donbas region in order to save their lives.

With no regards,
Daniel Pocock

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