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Re: Q: systemd-timer vs cron

On 2022-03-14 08:48, Marc Haber wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Mar 2022 18:02:55 +0100, Christian Kastner <ckk@debian.org>
>> I don't think that's a very constructive line of argument. As a former
>> maintainer, it was evident that user crontabs (crontab -e) are still
>> very popular, as are some other perhaps niche features, and I've never
>> had the impression that anti-systemd has anything to do with it.
> That was not my intention to say.

I think I could have expressed myself better as well. I read
"anti-systemd" and "unmaintained", and by addressing the these
arguments, I only wanted to point out how conclusions drawn from these
might be questionable.

I probably could have left out the part where the work stopped and what
would be needed to move forward, as that is document in the respective
WNPP bugs.

> And I didn't want to put your maintenance work in a bad light.
I didn't take it as such, actually I simply assumed you were unaware of
the maintenance work.

> Not being a systemd fanboi myself, for many things I prefer having
> mechanisms outside of systemd, but if an alternative is unlikely to
> move forward any time soon, I'd seriously consider migrating to
> something that IS moving forward, and that is systemd timers.

That's the way that I see it, too.

cron has this bad luck that basically every Linux and BSD distribution
has its own fork of Vixie cron (1993) or its successor ISC cron (2000),
so there is no reasonable collaboration / sharing of work between
upstreams, so most of them are mainly one-person shows.

systemd has not only the benefit of being newer, but also appears to
have many eyes on it. It also comes with a large number of security
features that may be useful for job execution.

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