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Re: Q. What is the best practice about +dfsg and +ds extension?

Quoting Timo Röhling (2021-10-02 15:12:04)
> * Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> [2021-10-02 15:03]:
> >I use ~ (tilde) as delimiter when possible, to make room for an 
> >eventual later release with the issues fixed, without needing ugly 
> >versioning or being forced to wait for a later upstream release.
> Has this actually ever happened? I would expect that most upstream 
> authors would rather create a new patch release than retroactively 
> change the contents of an existing one.

I haven't kept track, but I seem to recall that indeed it has been of 
use - not because upstream did a re-release with different content (I 
agree that would be rare) but instead a licensing concern later resolved 
- i.e. an upstream pristine tarball considered DFSG-incompatible at 
first but later (e.g. through conversations with upstream or discussions 
within Debian) it turns out that indeed that very tarball does comply 
with DFSG.

 - Jonas

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