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Re: debian 11 Bullseye RC 1

On 5/29/21, Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> wrote:
> Am 29. Mai 2021 18:33:34 MESZ schrieb "Andrew M.A. Cater"
> <amacater@einval.com>:
>>Are you using the unoffcial non-free firmware .iso to install from?
>>Are you installing firmware-amdgpu from the non-free repository if not?
> Please note that there is no such package with name
> "firmware-amdgpu" !
> (You have already been told so in the past.)
> It's named "firmware-amd-graphics".

I just found this:
I am going to download and install from this image. Hopefully my WiFi
will work if not Linux Mint has drivers so I may download and install

> Holger
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