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Re: bitz-server: package is not in any development repository ...

On 5/18/21, Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
> https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/bitz-server

On 5/18/21, Jörg Frings-Fürst <debian@jff.email> wrote:
> Hello Albretch,
> bitz-server has 4 RC-Bugs[1], which could not be fixed by me.
> No fixes came from the upstream either.
> Therefore the package had to be removed from testing and unstable.

 Well, thank you:


 that RC bug would be the place for me to start. I am not familiar
with the debian dev process and there are other "cultural" aspects
which are not totally clear to me. Jörg (developer, initial maintainer
of the package) tells us bitz-server has bugs, which haven't been
fixed, but I see the packaged listed as "stable" in buster:


 Also, I am not looking at the matter from the pit yet, but RFC 3057
shouldn't be that difficult to implement and, as I see it, an ICAP
server is "simply" a light httpd, Apache module kind of piece of
software and there is a currently maintained, full implementations of
it in C:


 That implementation could be included as a debian package. So I
wounder what the actual problem could possibly be.

 If, for whatever reason, debian opts out of that project and
continues to support the C++ effort, I need to first make that bug
reproducible and, if possible, know the details of what previous minds
thought of that prior art/effort, which Uditha has kept alive:


 I also noticed that someone else (Cameron Norman
<camerontnorman@gmail.com>) was trying to resurrect blitz-server


 but that effort was unsuccessful since it was even "removed from mentors".

 In case the package still contains bugs, would you, Uditha and/or
Cameron, anyone who is knowledgeable about such matters share their
own dev notes/logs?

 You know me from my jestful rants, but, by profession, I am a
theoretical physicist who worked mostly as a data analyst (starting
with FORTRAN, mostly C and C++, then later java to then fall out of
love with coding/"technical matter" altogether and becoming a
teacher), so I  never had the chance to get too political about
programming languages (while I worked for "corporate America" I had to
even code in VB! ;-)). All I need to do is reproducibly get to the
matter at hand asap (that bug) and squeeze some mind and time from my
other projects. I am definitely not into protagonism and we all have
plenty of things to do. Es it always good when more than one person
commits their mind to it, otherwise it would be some sort of
time-wasting suicidal masturbation.


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