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Re: Bug#988406: notifying users on EOL of a debian release

On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 9:03 AM Holger Levsen wrote:

> Yesterday I was helping a friend who's computer since some time
> didn't receive updates anymore, the reason was easily found, it
> was running wheezy :)
> That friend had no idea that the release they were running was
> not supported anymore and I wonder if we do have a mechanism to
> signal that to users. (In a more friendly way than 404 http error
> codes.)

I seem to remember that Ubuntu might have a solution for this and I
found these resources:

There is something called ubuntu-support-status from the
update-manager package, but it seems to be a command-line tool:


Ubuntu's hardware support backports have EOL notifications that seem
to be part of the update-notifier package:


I also found that Fedora have upgrade notifications and an upgrade
process in GNOME Software:




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