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Bug#988406: notifying users on EOL of a debian release

package: base
x-debbugs-cc: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

Yesterday I was helping a friend who's computer since some time
didn't receive updates anymore, the reason was easily found, it
was running wheezy :)

That friend had no idea that the release they were running was
not supported anymore and I wonder if we do have a mechanism to
signal that to users. (In a more friendly way than 404 http error

The friend in question is running gnome, so I'm thinking about
the gnome update tool to convey this message, not apt directly.
(I also don't think that subscribing to any mailing list or
other news info system is the right answer to the problem observed.)

Maybe this problem also has been fixed in the meantime?

The upgrade from wheezy to jessie to stretch was very smooth
btw, kudos & yay. (It just took 4h due to a slow harddrive 
involved.) Upgrades to buster and bullseye will be done
when the latter is released, giving this computer a lifespan
of more than 10 years with very little extra maintenance work
required in those years.

Debian is a very nice and stable OS indeed. Kudos once more.


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