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Re: Request for Pricing

On 07.05.21 17:29, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
Hello Tony,

I don't know where you got this mail address as a source for providing
the goods you need, but it's not correct -- Debian is a volunteer
organization that produces a distribution of the free "Linux"
operating system. We cannot provide what you require.

Andrej Shadura dijo [Fri, May 07, 2021 at 03:59:56PM +0200]:
I would like to get pricing on the following:

525 meters x 2.0m High

Qty : 350 pieces

I can sell you 350 pieces of 525 metres of Debian each for €1234567,- total.

Plz send moneys.

Hi Andrej,

Please don't answer like this to messages that arribe wrongly to
Debian mailing lists. It makes a bad, childish image to the project.

... And also, we don't want to create the reinforcement that, once
upon a time, led Debian to become wrongly associated with sheet music
for the "Dueling Banjos":


Please don't take it that seriously Gunnar. Andrej made me laugh, which I'm thankful for. I doubt Tony will end up poor anytime soon for having paid the horrendous sum of 350*€1234567 to Andrej or be mislead or very sad over Andrej's joke... :-)

And I think the Dueling Banjos were kind of a weird and funny practical joke too...

Best greetings,

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