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Re: using uscan with Fossil SCM

Le 03/05/2021 à 11:26, Barak A. Pearlmutter a écrit :
> As the Fossil Debian package maintainer, I'd certainly be grateful for
> notes on how to use Fossil for Debian packages. I have my own
> idiosyncratic workflow for Fossil itself, but it's not general because
> it relies on upstream's distribution of tarballs, and otherwise uses
> the local fossil repo, and is not very automated. Would be happy to
> put notes, scripts, snippets, etc, in
> /usr/share/doc/fossil/README-Debian or some such.
> A pipeline with "v=$(fossil tag list | egrep <version-tag> | max) ;
> fossil tarball $v foo.tar" where <version-tag> defaults to version_.*
> or some such but can come from debian/gbp.conf might be useful, for
> use with a local fossil repo. If there's nothing local only remote,
> hmmm....
> One thing I should mention is that Fossil upstream is very
> cooperative. If the web pages a Fossil repo makes available by default
> don't have the right hooks for uscan, if we could ask for something
> very simple (maybe a page with a list of all tags each consisting of a
> link to a tarball FOO-tag.tar.xz) that would I think be something they
> would seriously consider.

Yes it would be fine. This page can also be a JSON page


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