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Re: Re: using uscan with Fossil SCM

As the Fossil Debian package maintainer, I'd certainly be grateful for
notes on how to use Fossil for Debian packages. I have my own
idiosyncratic workflow for Fossil itself, but it's not general because
it relies on upstream's distribution of tarballs, and otherwise uses
the local fossil repo, and is not very automated. Would be happy to
put notes, scripts, snippets, etc, in
/usr/share/doc/fossil/README-Debian or some such.

A pipeline with "v=$(fossil tag list | egrep <version-tag> | max) ;
fossil tarball $v foo.tar" where <version-tag> defaults to version_.*
or some such but can come from debian/gbp.conf might be useful, for
use with a local fossil repo. If there's nothing local only remote,

One thing I should mention is that Fossil upstream is very
cooperative. If the web pages a Fossil repo makes available by default
don't have the right hooks for uscan, if we could ask for something
very simple (maybe a page with a list of all tags each consisting of a
link to a tarball FOO-tag.tar.xz) that would I think be something they
would seriously consider.


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