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Re: Thanks and Decision making working group (was Re: General Resolution: Statement regarding Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board result)

On 2021-04-19 08:57, Jonathan Carter wrote:

That's more than just a big assumption, I'd go as far to say that it's a
big leap to assume that from that option. Additionally, you're assuming
that that attempts to fix the problems in our voting system would
somehow make us more political? How do you come to that conclusion?
We've had very large technical GRs which have shown significant problems
in that process causing huge amounts of pain and frustration in our
community, and it comes up regularly how useful it would be to take a
formal project-wide poll on something.

So how does changing the voting system change the way we come up with
"something" to vote on? It doesn't matter which voting system you are
using if your problem is to decide what you want to vote on.

At the same time, there's often
confusion about what exact vote rankings actually mean. To the point
where a significant people either don't vote at all exactly because of

How do you come to that conclusion? If I remember right we had
40-50% voter turnout, so you think that 30...40% fail to understand
rankings? And out of these none bothers to ask for explanations?
(I know that there were some questions regarding the meaning of FD,
but the amount of participating non-voters in that discussion is
way too low to support your statement).

or their vote actually has a significantly different effect than
what they intended.

Care to explain that?
A voting system works as designed and the Debian voting system is
actually one of the easier systems to understand. Ranking options
is not that hard. Maybe we should educate voters about the voting
system if necessary?

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