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Epoch bump for kworkflow


I am currently in process of updating the kworkflow package[1][2]. I am
having issues providing a debian/watch file for the following reasons:

- Upstream maintains no tags nor releases. I am in touch with them to
  ask them to create tags or releases;
- Current version of the package is 20191112-1.1. The date in it doesn't
  seem to be related to any information provided by the upstream;
- Even if upstream isn't willing to use tags or releases, the
  alternative "go-like" version of the package, gathered from the latest
  upstream commit (0.0~git20201226.e30ce3a), compares erroneously to the
  current version format.

By suggestion of sergiodj and kanashiro, I intend to use an epoch when
versioning future releases of this package, which will allow the
adoption of a more sensible version format.

Any feedback is welcome.

João Seckler

[1] tracker.debian.org/pkg/kworkflow
[2] salsa.debian.org/jseckler-guest/kworkflow

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