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Re: Tips for debugging/testing debian/control Depends/Breaks etc changes?


> For me, this whole situation seems wrong though. Why do you have
> versioned package names (mariadb-server-*) when they are all mutually
> exclusive with one another due to all shipping the same binary?

This is how the MySQL packaging has been structured for the past 10
years or so. There was probably some use case that users wanted to
stick to a certain major release by installing e.g. 'mysql-server-5.1'
while installing 'mysql-server' would just auto-upgrade the major
version on dist-upgrade. I don't know for sure, this predates me by

I'd rather not start changing it now due to the potential unknown and
hard to revert consequences it could have to users.

I did however a couple years ago remove the versions from the plugin
package names, so the issue is at least limited to server and client

For the record, I solved the original issue already using the 'apt
install --with-source ./Packages -s' technique.

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