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Re: Bug#986382: DPL Jonathan Carter's passport number is *******

On 04/04/2021 22:38, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
Hi guys,

Please stop replying. That is a troll, will be banned quickly, dont maintain it alive. Just ignore, listmaster and bts will do what is needed. Keep power for other more interesting things.


+1 to this,

I am on the free software foundation lists and have been involved in various conversations around code of conduct and related ideas to make sure that environments are free of abuse.

I have also worked in a school, and was subjected abuse, at the hands of children, which was fobbed off by teachers. So I am all for creating safe, non toxic environments to work in.

I support RMS, simply because he is a spokesperson for the free software and is passionate about that. RMS is one person, one of thousands who write, develop and support free software.

It would be nice if we could just work together, regardless of which side we are on. focus on what is important, building free software and the best OS in the world, Debian of course, and building safe inclusive communities for all. :)



Le 04/04/2021 à 23:18, crazy.molly@lavache.com a écrit :

If you don't want these ego-maniacs to use your name in their vendettas you can resign from Debian.  This is the choice.  How many people will resign if Debian votes to attack Stallman?  Please tell us before the vote finishes so we call can know this now.

No matter the outcome of this vote.  Having the vote at all suggests that people are expendable.  Volunteers can be hung over the side
the ship while people have an email argument about what to do next.

Why don't you understand how toxic this is?

There are so many years of defamation in Debian now.  Delete it all now.  Delete the negative options from the vote now.  Please
stop or
we stop you.

From: Stephan Lachnit <stephanlachnit@debian.org>
To: crazy.molly@lavache.com
Subject: Re: Bug#986382: DPL Jonathan Carter's passport number is *******
Date: 04/04/2021 22:38:20 Europe/Paris
Cc: 986382@bugs.debian.org;

> Why does the toxic woman want to destroy reputations?

If you refer to Jonathan Carter, that isn't even the person that
started the vote, nor an original author of the open letter. Do your
research, tbh to me it seems like you are a complete outsider.

> Destroy nobody - Or destroy everybody! You can't have it both ways.

First of all, nobody wants to "destroy" RMS. Calling someone to resign
isn't destroying them, especially if they were just (secretly)

Secondly, why are you so toxic and want to "destroy" everybody? There
is really no point, all you do is make the FLOSS community weaker and
more divided. And since you seem to care about RMS and his ideas, I
don't think that is something you would like.

> If Debian is a vehicle for defamation, every one of you faces full consequences.

Debian is a democracy. Assume one person votes in favor of RMS (which
as you can see some people will do), why do you want them to face your
alleged consequences? That doesn't make sense. They have no power to
do the things you ask for. In fact, nobody in Debian has. Again, I
don't think you understand the Debian project at all.

> Your jobs are the targets. Your families are targets.

I can understand that you are angry even if I don't agree with your
views, but I don't think anyone here wants to harm RMS. Everyone here
just wants the best for the FLOSS community. Why do you want to harm
them so badly?

Opinions on how what's the best for the community may differ, but
that's fine. Discussions are healthy, as long as they stay friendly
(btw your mails aren't). I have learned a lot from discussions, and
yes sometimes people (me included) get unfriendly or say things that
turn out to be false. But as long as we apologize for mistakes, we can
grow from it.

> No volunteer should have to suffer you toxic people

Don't you think, just maybe, that we shouldn't suffer from your
toxicity as well? Especially since we will suffer much more than you
can ever suffer from this. I mean, what's the worst that can happen
from your point of view? RMS resigns again? Then everything would be
just like a month ago.


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