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Re: Changed Github download URLs are affecting lots of existing watch files

Hi Andreas,

* Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> [2021-03-26 22:38]:
  https://github.com/#GITHUBUSER#/#PACKAGE#/releases/latest .*/archive.*/#PREFIX#@ANY_VERSION@\.tar\.gz

As .* also matches forward slashes, I use

    https://github.com/#GITHUBUSER#/#PACKAGE#/releases/latest .*/#PREFIX#@ANY_VERSION@\.tar\.gz

for my packages. BTW, I recently realized that "/latest" refers to the
newest release by date, not necessarily the release with the greatest
version number. (One of my upstreams makes maintenance releases for older
minor versions, which end up being "latest" in the Github sense when
they happen). If you omit that last part of the URL, you'll get a list
of all releases. However, this also includes pre-releases (which may or
may not be what you want).

- Timo

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