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Re: sbuild and bind mounts

Hi Johannes,

thanks for your answer!

> with sbuild you can use --extra-package=package.deb or
> --extra-package=/path/to/debs and then sbuild will use those debs or all debs
> in the directory you specify, respectively, to satisfy dependencies and you
> don't need to manage an apt repository yourself.

Ahh, does that mean sbuild creates the apt repo files itself and adds it
automatically to the sources.list?

This would indeed help a lot, but I need one more piece of information:
I need to add pinning information (I guess via --chroot-setup-commands)
to give the above extra repository a very low pin so that by default
packages are taken from the normal archives.

Is the path for the above extra repository (--extra-package=/path/to/dir/)

> autopkgtest or unshare backend. With schroot you would add additional mount
> points by editing /etc/schroot/sbuild/fstab

Since I don't want to do this permanently but only for the staged
builds, the above method would be by far more usable.

> or you can use the option
>     --chroot-setup-commands="echo 'deb ...' >> /etc/apt/sources.list"

> All of the above is documented in the sbuild man page but there is lots of
> stuff in there so I can understand why it's hard to find things without reading

Indeed, I found the --chroot-setup-commands but I didn't spot the
Unfortunately the man page seems not to give the information where the
extra repository is generated.

Thanks for your help!


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