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sbuild and bind mounts


(please Cc)

in the Qt/KDE Team we use a script for test-building our groups of
packages. Those groups need to be build in tiers (levels) so that later
packages have access to the build of earlier levels.
The script we currently use is based on cowbuilder with --bindmounts
to get the package repo of hitherto built packages into the build
process, and hook scripts to active the respective apt sources line.

Recently I started using btrfs snapshots with sbuild (and eatmydata)
because it is sooo much faster than cowbuilder, so I would like to add
sbuild support to our tier-build script.

My questions are how to achieve:
- bind-mount directories into the sbuild chroot
- add lines to /etc/apt/sources.list
before the build process starts?

Thanks for any suggestion.



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