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Lenovo and forced labor [was: Re: Lenovo discount portal update (and a few other things)]

On 02.09.20 15:08, Mark Pearson wrote:
> Hi Debian developers,
> Following on from DebConf 2020 (which I thoroughly enjoyed - thank you!)
> the Lenovo portal that was announced is now available:
> US: http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/Linux
> Canada: http://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/linuxca

I think before jumping on this offer, one should consider this:

Lenovo is by far not the only company producing laptops with forced
labor involved, however they have not - as of today - as far as I can
see - cared to comment on those report at all:

* they have neither denied nor ack'ed it
* and they haven't said either that they'd no longer use forced labor to
produce their wares

I'd conclude from that, that Lenovo still is, will be, and is not
planing to stop using forced labor to produce those laptops.

I'm not sure there are alternatives: I have not researched them
intensively yet - I am currently in need of a new laptop too, so I'll
have to look around whether there are other brands that do not rely on
companies that employ forced labor. Pointers welcome.

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