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How to include a toy library in a package?


what is the best way to handle a toy library whose only purpose is to
provide an example library for a test suite? My plan is to offer some
packages providing the core functionality of some software [0] plus an
extra package containing the test machinery (provided by upstream) which
allows users to test their setup. The code of this test library is very


Since the toy library is never meant to be used by any "normal" code, I
thought the best location for this library is to install it into the
same directory where the remaining test suite components are located
(rather than into a canonical library path where the linker finds it).

After doing so, lintian correctly issues the following warnings:

- package-has-unnecessary-activation-of-ldconfig-trigger
  See [1] for more information on this tag.

- shared-library-lacks-prerequisites
  See [2] for more information on this tag.

Given the circumstances of this particular case I am inclined to
ignore/suppress those warnings. Or am I on the wrong track here and
there are better solutions? Suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,


[0] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/charliecloud



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