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Re: Pimp your shell - Debian developer tips?

On Vi, 12 iun 20, 00:40:40, Phil Morrell wrote:
> On Jo, 04 iun 20, 10:13:06, Michael Shuler wrote:
> > For many years, I have taken a different approach; use the default and add
> > only a few minor changes. Each stable update, I use /etc/skel/.bashrc and
> > edit/add in my little bits.
>     for config in ~/.config/bash/*; do source "$config"; done
> That is the entirety of my ~/.bashrc due to [WONTFIX], which allows you
> to drop in symlinks, organise overrides and specify ordering. I'm
> definitely bookmarking this thread to steal some useful snippets.

> [WONTFIX]: https://savannah.gnu.org/support/?108134

That can also go in /etc/bash.bashrc to get rid of ~/.bashrc completely.  
Unfortunately there is no similar trick available for ~/.bash_logout.

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