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Re: Pimp your shell - Debian developer tips?

Hi Otto,

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 10:06:29PM +0300, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> Do we have Debian devs here who have pimped their shell heavily with custom
> prompts, colors, command line fonts, shell window title hacks, perhaps using
> zsh etc? Have you written blogs about you experiences, can you share some good
> reads (with screenshots) of what you have done?

I'm possibly the laziest guy among people who replied to this thread.

I used to heavily customize my bash prompt when I was a bash user. But
immediately after my discovery of fish shell (apt install fish), I
was inclined to choose a extremely simple prompt, by just clicking
the favorite prompt theme in fish's GUI config.

 ~ ❯❯❯

^ This is the "Sorin" prompt theme of fish.

My zsh prompt is basically same, with an additional right side clock:

 PROMPT="%F{cyan}%~%f %F{red}❯%F{yellow}❯%F{green}❯%F{cyan}❯%f%b "
 RPROMPT="%B%(?..%F{red}[%?]%f )%F{magenta}%*%f"

Personally I dislike tinkering the prompt alot, because IMHO some
other features such as "syntax highlighting" and "automatic suggestion"
are more important and useful for productivity.

TBH I'm a fish user exactly due to the two features.
When I have to use a POSIX shell, I'll choose zsh and use the following
two plugins:

> I've read a bit on zsh and powerline and the like, but I am annoyed that all
> those blog posts are quite superficial and do not mention security,
> interoperability or performance aspects. Frankly any blog post that recommends
> cloning random repos or even worse, running wget | sh something gives me
> chills.

I don't worry about security. All the features I want can be installed
via apt. I'm also the uploader of some of them.

On the other hand, things like oh-my-zsh are too heavy to me, since I
only rely on highlighting and autosuggestion.

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