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Re: Overinterpretation of DFSG? QR code for receiving donation is non-free???

Shengjing Zhu, le lun. 30 mars 2020 15:53:18 +0800, a ecrit:
> IMO, the QR picture is preferred form of modification as well as the
> origin text.

Is there a program which takes a QR code, allows to modify the URL and
the picture in the middle, and write the new QR code with the picture?

> And, I consider this situation just like I use an MS word to produce a
> .docx file and place it in my source tree.

It's not the same situation: the .docx file is the preferred form of
modification, you can trivially open it with libreoffice and update
it. One can't say the same of the QR code (and also the question of the
legal status of the picture in the middle of the QR code)


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