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Re: What to do when DD considers policy to be optional? [kubernetes]

On 25.03.20 14:43, Christian Kastner wrote:

> This is not to say that licensing is an unimportant issue -- it clearly
> is. But our analyze-and-document down-to-the-file approach is on the
> other extreme end of the spectrum, and it causes lots of tiresome work
> that nobody apart from us seems to care about.

I'd contest this. Whenever Open Source standards come up in a
discussion, Debian is always the gold reference. You know it can be done
right and it is: in Debian.

Having the possibility to look up to that standard and being able to
compare to it is a value and valuable in it self.

That said, Debian doesn't have to hold up that standard if it doesn't
deem it useful of course. Me personally I deem it very valuable. I can
be sure that if stuff lands in Debian then I won't get screwed by weird,
dirty, missleading, underhanded licensing rules, which seems to be the
standard outside the Open Source world and even on its fringes.

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