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Re: email backend for fedmsg

On 2020-03-24 13:09:35 -0400 (-0400), Peter Silva wrote:
> We could talk about the merits of various protocols (I see fedmsg
> uses ZeroMQ) but that is a deep rabbit hole... to me, fedmsg looks
> like it is making a ZeroMQ version of a broker (which is a bit
> ironic given the original point of that protocol) trying to build
> a broker ecosystem is hard. Using an existing one is much easier.
> so to me it makes sense that fedmsg is not really working out.

In the OpenDev collaboratory we added an event stream for our
services some years ago using the MQTT protocol (a long-established
ISO/OASIS standard). I gather there was some work done to make
fedmsg support MQTT as a result of that, so it might be an
alternative to relying on ZeroMQ at least.
Jeremy Stanley

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