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Re: ratt as a service?

> This sounds similar to a couple of other things:

hmmm, i'm not sure about that, comments below

> The archive testing that Lucas Nussbaum does using donated cloud resources:

this is archive-wide and executed seldomly, not on a per-package,
on-demand basis

> https://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/ArchiveTesting
> Luca Falavigna's Deb-o-Matic service:
> https://debomatic.github.io/
> http://debomatic-amd64.debian.net/
> http://debomatic-amd64.debian.net/commands

i dont use this service, but from the documentation it looks like it
helps to build a new package, not to test its reverse dependencies
after it's built?

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