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Re: Repeated Debian WiFi problem

On Sun, 22 Mar 2020 02:20:18 -0700, Peter Pynchon <ppynchon@gmail.com>
>I have tried LIVE Debian Plasma, Debian LXQt and Mint LMDE (Debian
>Environment) with an ASUS N53 USB Wireless adapter, and none of the Debian
>systems are able to connect to my WiFi signal.  All other distros used
>(Ubuntu versions, MX Linux, Linux Puppy, Porteus, and KDE Neon) easily
>connect to my WiFi signal.

Please take user questions to the regular support channels,

>*In future Debian versions, could you please include the ASUS driver in the
>standard package?*  *The model number is the ASUS N53 USB WiFi adapter with
>the rt3572 chip.*  I see on your website that ASUS N53 USB adapters with
>different chips have similar problems.

Does the driver need non-free firmware? If yes, the card will probably
never work out of the box in Debian proper, and you might need to
install the firmware manually. Doing this will most probably solve
your issue with current Debian as well.

The best idea is to change to a Wifi adapter that has better support.

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