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Re: Announcing Debian Social

On 3/19/20 11:59 PM, Rhonda D'Vine wrote:
> ## Introduction
> ###############
> The Debian Social Team maintains a variety of services under the
> debian.social domain. These services aim to make it easier for Debian
> contributors to share content and collaborate.
>  - https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianSocial
> Here are some examples of services that the Debian Social Team intend to run:
>  * Pleroma, a federated microblogging platform. Similar to Mastodon, Gnu Social
>    and Statusnet.
>  * Peertube, a federated video publishing platform. Debian contributors can use
>    this to share content like howtos, interviews, podcasts, etc. It will also
>    be a friendly interface for browsing and viewing the DebConf videos and from
>    other Debian meetings.
>  * Pixelfed, a federated image publishing platform. This is a friendly and
>    modern site that makes it easier to share photos at Debian events where they
>    can be easily found by other Debianites (as apposed to Signal, WhatsApp,
>    Facebook, Instagram which has sadly become a norm for those).
>  * Jitsi meet, a web-based videoconferencing site (currently needs no
>    authentication).

Hi Rhonda,

This is just great, thanks a lot for the work! This feels a way nicer
than sharing stuff on proprietary platforms.

A quick question though: are some of these packaged and available in
Debian? How was it installed? Does the team intend to also work on
packaging? How can one add some servers to this, and share the workload
with the team?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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