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Re: FTP Team -- call for volunteers

On March 14, 2020 9:18:48 PM UTC, Neil McGovern <neilm@debian.org> wrote:
>Hi debian-project and ftpmaster folks,
>On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 01:37:59PM -0700, Sean Whitton wrote:
>>   - cope well with flames in response to your decisions
>>   - after training, comfortable with being on the other end of the
>>     ftpmaster@ alias, which receives a huge volume of
>>     not-always-pleasant messages daily.
>I hope I am not the only one to be deeply concerned that this should be
>a requirement on volunteers. For me, it is absolutely unacceptable that
>people should put up with unplesentness or flames that come from doing
>difficult job. Putting this in the requirements is, for me, a failure
>the project.

As long as there are people involved, a certain amount of it is inevitable.  Putting it in the requirements is bowing to reality.  The FTP Team sometimes has to make unpopular decisions and it's inevitable that people won't always react well.

If Sean hadn't mentioned it, I think it would have been a disservice to potential volunteers.  People should know what they are signing up for.  Honestly it's not a lot of the feedback, most of what we get back is positive, but it's enough that it's worth mentioning.

Scott K

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