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Re: Idea: frontend tool for more efficient license reviewing based on tree-structured IR

Quoting Osamu Aoki (2020-03-12 14:52:24)
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 04:54:32PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > Long description of debmake claims it "does more than what 
> > licensecheck(1) offers" but I am puzzled what that sentence means - 
> > more polished experience (even if less accurate), perhaps?
> The licensecheck command before Smedegaard's work which used to reside 
> in devscripts package is what debmake talks about. It took sometime 
> for me to get debmake's internal licensechecking ready. Just about as 
> I released debmake, licensecheck was split and made good progress if I 
> remember correctly.

Ahh, thanks Aoki-san, for the explanation.  The package description 
makes sense to me now :-)

Licensecheck has improved a lot since it was split from devscript 3.5 
years ago, and I see now that dbmake simply hasn't been updated for 
quite some time (which I guess is a _good_ sign!).

I now filed a bugreport requesting update of long description to avoid 

> My #1 homework for debmake is to remove internal licensechecking and 
> let it call Smedegaard's licensecheck ;-) debmake should be thin glue 
> to call purpose focused command.

Please do.

Also, please file wishlist bugreports against licensecheck for any ideas 
you might have for information you would like licensecheck to gather and 
ways to most optimally pass it to your use: I am (still, 3.5 years in) 
working on reorganizing the code into reusable libraries, and requests 
and dreams from users are quite helpful.

 - Jonas

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