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Re: RFC: Standardizing source package artifacts build paths


We have been using debian packaging from a private repository for the last three years to configure virtual machines.

As a subversion shop, at least, the extraneous files generated by a build aren't an issue because we simply svn-clean after a build. I believe "git clean" does the equivalent operation. 

I concur that hiding the build directory with a leading dot is less friendly. It takes a while to understand how package creation / building works, and hiding information from users will make it more difficult. 

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I'm concerned about a leading . at least for:

* the debian/tmp replacement
* the replacement for the package install directories under debian.

I think that maintaining those directories such that ls shows them will
be more friendly for new maintainers.
So I'd prefer something like debian/build rather than debian/.build for
at least those directories.

I don't care as much about substvars, debhelper intermediates, debhelper
logs and the like.

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